analysis of movement carton, rubber, glue h 30cm, 2000


Works produced at that time came to exist on the basis of analysis of the body`s bone and muscle structures, particularly covering connections between forms (joints) as well as tensions during motion between opposite forces which crucially shape the form and determine the dynamics of a system.

The photographs presented show effects of such an analytic work on a chosen system of motion (a figure standing on one leg). Moreover, they show several sculptural solutions to this problem depending on a material used.

Beginning with a bone and muscle system`s pattern, the selected parts (particularly the hip joints) are gradually taking
a new character by giving up natural solutions and replacing them with abstract forms which are to express the essence or the logic of an analysed motion.

Later on this basis sculptures made of harder materials (wood and steel) are produced. Keeping the same idea they are different in solutions depending on the character of a material they are made of various construction possibilities that these materials have.

I experienced such analytic way of work from the body as a base and an inspiration for executed sculptures as one of the students (DAAD Schorarship) of Tim Scott at Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Nurnberg /Germany/. The Artist and Sculptor ,who I am particulary grateful for his essential contribution to my understanding and love for sculpture.