shelf shelf, lychee shells, 19.5 x 59 x 24 cm, 2016

Pedestal I, Pedestal II, Shelf 2016

The works have been created in connection with the theme of the collective exhibition 'Non-places - hyper-modernity'. This topic is inspired by French ethnologist and culture anthropologist Marc Auge's considerations describing non-places - anonymous areas (railway stations, metro stations, airports) which seem to be 'no one's places' although they are overcrowded with the presence of people.

Pedestal I, Pedestal II, Shelf are the works freely alluding to the topic. It becomes the inspiration to fantasize about all other possible 'no one's places', 'unnamed' or being unnoticed.

The works included in the 'Pedestal' series show non-places found in the course of consideration concerning exposition of these works, the art gallery's exhibition space (although, it seems that they have greater metaphorical potential - perhaps even more essential).

The Shelf is a fantasy about unusual domestic non-place.

'Non-places - hyper-modernity', BWA Tarnów, 2016